Belated new year’s resolution

24 February 2017

I started this blog a year ago mainly as a place to publish papers, especially on the ACT kangaroo issue, because there is so much information that needs to be out there that the public are just not allowed to see. I also intended to use it to share poems and fiction with other animal lovers in the hope my work would give pleasure, or at least show that, in grieving for the suffering of animals and delighting in their beauty, they are not alone.

Last year, I did quite a lot of the paper publishing, but not so much of the story and poem sharing. This year I hope to publish more in the way of poems and stories. It’s just a matter of convincing myself they are ready to share.

Recent additions to this website

Although I haven’t written any posts for a while, I have added several new papers to this website over the last few months, one of them written by Dr Chris Klootwijk, geologist and kangaroo protector.

The papers now accessible on this website are:

The last item on this list compiles the six main press releases I issued while standing as the Animal Justice Party candidate for Eden Monaro in the 2016 Federal Election, including one prepared jointly with Mark Pearson (AJP) MLC for NSW.

Animals and war

In ‘honour’ of ANZAC Day, I have just added another poem/song to my Poems and Songs page, Johnny’s War on the Animals. It’s about the many horrible fates faced by animals in human wars, and written to the tune of Johnny I Hardly Knew You (also the tune of When Johnny comes Marching Home).

I share this poem because, even though none of us like remembering these things, we have to. Also there’s always some relief in having things articulated so we can readily quote them at others less aware!

Animal Justice Party Forum

Forum on Kangaroos in the ACT

The Animal Justice Party will be holding a forum about the ACT’s annual kangaroo slaughter at 6.00 on 5 April. I will be one of the speakers, along with Dr Sheila Newman and Mr Marcus Fillinger.

Please join us if you can and hear about the truth about the ACT kangaroo killing. We would be grateful if you can pass this invitation on to others in the ACT or surrounding NSW who are interested in this subject.

Further details can be found at:

The policy basis to Kangaroo treatment in the ACT

Regional Friends of Wildlife Submission on Kangaroos

Late in 2013, after the ACAT had failed to halt the ACT government’s slaughter of healthy kangaroos on the reserves of the Canberra Nature Park, the newly formed Regional Friends of Wildlife (RFW) prepared a comprehensive submission to the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment along with substantial documentary evidence.

The Commissioner at that time, Robert Neil, made enquiries with the Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS), and was unable to establish that the  government had undertaken any monitoring of the impacts of the annual slaughter since it began in 2009, any evaluation of whether it was achieving its alleged goals, or any adaptive management in the light of changing circumstances or understanding.

Unfortunately, Robert Neil has now moved on, and so nothing has come of the enormous effort put in by RFW to compile this body of evidence. Nevertheless, the submission represents both a record of the attempt, and a vast fund of research for anyone wishing to understand this issue.

As you can see, I have now figured out how to link my posts directly to the papers  and other documents mentioned in them. I will now go back through my earlier posts and see if I can do the same.

More Kangaroo Papers

Since my last post, the following papers have been published on my blog in the Papers and Essays Section: